Tuesday, 14 June 2011

San Francisco continues

Well what can I say I'm staying here, it's warm but not hot, loads to do, nice people, good architecture and interesting history. I like it here, only downsides are the tourists. Some like the British are lovely, came as a surprise to me too, others are not so pleasant, proddy jabby pushy little fellas. Ah but there is a cure, everywhere you go there are unsurprisingly Americans, and they aren't shy about butting in and telling em what for. It's genius to watch and it appears I'm not alone in my new spectator sport. Spent ages with some Aussies watching it to the point where we all settled down and got drinks.

Been to the San Francisco museum of modern art and saw the Warhols, Lichtensteins, Rothkos etc, oooh can you feel the culture. Actually joking aside a great museum and wonderful collections.

Been on a tour round the city and round the bay, both again very good and not tacky. Rather enjoying the tourist in me.

Enjoying the reasonably priced high quality foods and some cracking wines, not going to the vineyards stopping here and trying them all. Especially as there are so many great restaurants to try and all so nice and friendly. The heavier whites do however leave a mark on my face in the morning, looked like a Bassett hound having a very bad day this morning.

Still onwards more new things to try.

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