Thursday, 16 June 2011

From High to Low

Covered off about 375 miles today ranging from being 5000ft up in the hills of the Sequoia National Park, with snow still on the ground at a balmy 72 degrees, to the searing heat of the Mojave desert.

Went to see the giant trees in the forest and saw the worlds biggest tree by volume the General Sherman. Not the oldest tree but it's a big un and still an impressive 2200 years old. Spectacular place and breathtaking views all round, truly stunning. Headed out down from there on to the Mojave and across the empty and sandy Mojave river, bigger than I expected. Oddly the desert at night is strangely peaceful especially if you've driven for hours through fruit orchards and small towns.

No aliens spotted even though I'm near Edwards Air Force Base and loads of military test sights. Maybe all those films are wrong??

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