Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

Well Vegas has been a blast, a whirlwind of excess that really doesn't care what people think of it. Been on a Vegas bus, tram and monorail and seen a bit of Vegas not on the strip, it's different alright. Met a couple married in the famous Wedding Chapel, their photos were actually very cool and such a nice couple. It looks like I'm going to have to come back here for longer because it's a full on place for a couple of days.

Picked up my new trusty ride yesterday and they were out of the cars I had ordered which I must say did upset me a bit, that is until the car rental people gave me an SUV. It's huge and easy to drive and with a sensible head on probably a wiser choice (plus it's got way more toys in it and satellite navigation - she has a massively irritating voice but I'd have never found the hotel without her).

Time to fill up the beast (for that will be the cars name from now on - I have to jump down to get out of it and I'm not the biggest thing on the road by far) and mosey on out into the desert. Hooray for air con 98 degrees out here and I know it's a desert but that's just plain hot, still people sunbathing by the pool though, can anyone smell cooking?

The open road calls and LA is waiting. Tally Ho.

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