Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Journey Home

Well bright eyed and bushy tailed, namely hung over and a bit hangin, I got to Las Vegas McCarron Airport and checked myself in to my flight. With my bags whisked away down a shoot hopefully to be returned to me at Heathrow I journey to the gate.

The flight was unspectacular like many other internal flights in the States, sat next to a nice British couple (we get everywhere in Vegas it's like a tackier busier Blackpool at times, well if Blackpool had the GDP of a medium country and wasn't really run down and a bit pants - so rubbish comparison by me there). The interesting part of the journey comes with the call for a doctor on the flight. Oh yes indeed that happens and so does emergency unsheduled landings in Minneapolis. So connection in New York gonna be close then. Patient walked off the flight, Americans concerned for her welfare. Can't help thinking that in Britain if she wasn't carried of a gnats whisker away from death she might have been lynched for the delay.

Well it was close, just made it across JFK airport and boarded my flight with no time to spare. Hoping my bags will follow me but if they wanted my soiled undercrackers then good luck I'm on the flight and I'm away to blighty.

Now again and unsurprising flight with the Adjustment Bureau as the film yet again, four flights same film.That was unsurprising until there was a call for any doctors or medical staff on the plane. Now once is unfortunate but twice in less than eight hours is really pushing chance. Luckily there was a doctor who had his medical licence on him sat on the other side of the aisle to me (had no idea that they carried those, quite cool though a credit card saying your a doc and qualified, he wasn't a British doc don't think ours get those). No emergency course alterations or landings this time, apparently the lady was ok.

Got home safe and sound (no laughing at the back, I know what your thinking) and miracle of miracles so did my case. On coach now heading back home, two people have been rude to me, got shoved out of the way at the coach station, a man at the back of the coach smells funny and the couple to the other side of me keep giving me evils - ah it is quite nice to be home.

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