Saturday, 4 June 2011

In the beginning...

Well it has begun, it was dark and very early in the morning never my best hours. The National Express coach was delayed so they put me and a couple of others on another coach to get here the same time - result! Got to check in with American Airlines only to find my flight to Chicago is also delayed meaning missed connecting flight to Vegas. Lovely check in staff at American Airlines sorted it out in double quick time, changed my connecting flight and only 30 mins difference in arrival time - yet another result. Heres hoping everything else goes as smoothly; well gets sorted out for me automatically and everybody who knows me will know that is the best way of me getting stuff sorted. Onward, mmm coffee and a sit down with the paper I think, now where is that WH Smiths gone.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you're having fun. Looking forward to your next blog already. Have a great day. xxx