Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ah there it is

Well set off from Laguna Beach after a quiet and relaxing coffee in a fifties diner heading north. It's all very much like the reality tv shows, attractive people who are all rich and have impossibly white teeth. Beautiful place with lovely beaches and gated communities (ooh actually that's not so lovely) in fact it's another one to put in the odd American list. Then off for something I've been really looking forward to, off to the Getty Museum. On the way realising why the rich people live in Malibu it's again weird but you know I could live there, should I ever stumble across a few million or more.

Back to the Getty well there is only one word to describe it, magnificent. Well you could also have decadent, opulent and spectacular and all that's before the exhibits from antiquity. Left there feeling peaceful and actually quite serene. Back to the driving north.

Ahh and there it is, the sea and the undulating hills, the spaces filled with corrals with horses in them and the winding road passing sunset bathed hills and the pacific. Signs to ranches are at the exits for their drives but most don't have a building in sight giving you a clue to their size.

Off to San Luis Obispo, now might have made a slight error here unintentionally. Apparently it's farmers market (not like any I've ever seen) and graduation - oooooh oops. Still got some food and drink and people watched the college kids; feisty little fellas ain't they.

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